by Mosley Wotta & Collothen

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This is the first of several ambient spoken word pieces by Mosley Wotta & Collothen.


released February 9, 2015

Lyrics, Vocals & Artwork: Jason Graham(mosley wotta)
Music: Colten Tyler Williams(collothen)
Mastered by Billy Mickelson(third seven)

Loose lug nuts got a circus in his tent sick slick chump gotta nerve circuits serving servants serfs up its abstract on purpose word to the wordless sing songs in the field squeeze horn of plenty cork-less get them bearings caring we detecting genuine reflection genuflecting if we just work together but na na na whipping back to that auction block ha ha chop chop get it while its hot concession refuge confessions trigger tensions colonel pops pop father singe by his own sin a blessing glass house hard rock’s hard knocks bloody whip rivulets like she gave me water Quasimodo back to your singing strings ring the alarm hands forced on the face time orderly raped all is well as you can see its been erased can’t see clearly in this coma glock coma hit the snooze and rolled right over well it’s time to get up is time to get up its time to get up for the morning wake so sitting in your seat or standing on your feet let us hear you scream this is so much more than entertainment please this is verbal ballet interlaced with scrupulous beats these are songs from the field mighty roar worn script ripping amplify your bit yipping at the gods of war man of war born in the land of coca cola invented my Santa clause paragraph three reads red hat black boots legally bound to a bowl full of jelly for saggy heaven’s sake tell me hell yell me in the face when does lunacy break the tip of the ice berg lettuce in on the secret shhh first debts free get them to buy it and hooked they will be as a member united the more you eat it the more you feed it the more you leave it the more you need it the more you grow it the more its weeded the more you play it I’m afraid to say it you’ve been sacked had and cheated parasitic depleted leaches acquitted leaving open scars to brace the bleeding break the broken bone condoned as healing as my pensive mind is really as another prison pushes past capacity juxtaposed with a dentist getting mad at me cuz I got no more cavities you have to be yanking my chain pulling my leg they like it working when its broken declared deputy deficit Mr. mars here we come it’s all missiles cloaked as rocket ships in this galaxy far far from okay the empire strikes backwards they lack worth without facts heard the cattle absurd uphill the battle to polish up a death rattle prattle sheer nonsense poised and ready to flex test the limits of the bars scar cell blocks with your larynx unmasking overlords with vocal chords Ill see your sword an raise it I’m holding pens straight full house over aces this is my fire poker face it much to masters uh maze meant jimmy cracked his corn casing goes much to masters amazement jimmy cracked his corn casing goes



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MOsley WOtta Oregon

Chicago born, Oregon-based MOsley WOtta is a critically acclaimed artist and performer.His collaborations include work with: Rise UP international, CADA CASA, TED X, World Muse Conference, OPB/PBS, and the US EMBASSY. the MOst REcent Work Markets Flooded a Colloboration with elctronic Music producer Collothen has been released through spain /london based net label NU LOGIC ... more

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